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> 6/?/08 PWS Amped, Episode #1: Fatback & Head, MAK Nightmare for Dreamer/Mack
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PWS Amped TV Report
Episode 1
June 7, 2008

Welcome to the inaugural edition of PWS Amped. The Premiere Wrestling Showcase replaces the defunct Carolina Wrestling Association. Today’s episode features Al Snow with Head befuddling Jake Manning and PWS Heavyweight Champion Charlie Dreamer defending against Kirby Mack with a disturbing finish.

- Manager Ty Dillinger heads out to address the crowd regarding CWA’s name change to the Premiere Wrestling Showcase. According to the new commissioner, numerous backyard federations and scrubs donned the letters CWA. His first act as commissioner is to strip Patrick Wright & Emperor Maximus of the PWS Tag Team Titles. Et tu Ty?

- Backstage, Kirby Mack promises to deliver a nightmare to Dreamer.

1. “The Girl Scout” Jake Manning defeated Al Snow w/Head via pinfall.
The commentating team includes Fatback Stutts and someone who never reveals his name. Fatback quickly points out that Manning has returned to his Eagle Scour roots. The fans think otherwise by chanting “Girl scout.” Snow spends the opening moments suffering from psychotic conniptions and delusions with Head. Then again, Snow has suffered from multiple personality disorder since his debut in ECW and Manning deems this true by hiding underneath the ring. After several minutes, the referee reprimands Snow and orders him to place Head in the corner despite the fans commanding the inanimate object to wrestle. Stutts reluctantly admits “I’m no authority on Head.” The referee finally signals for the bell to begin the match, but it certainly doesn’t happen. The fans would rather see Head wrestle than Al Snow. Stutts comments he hasn’t seen this much Head since the party at the CSA. Snow heads back into the ring and continues his infatuation with Head. Please, end the madness and wrestle now!!!! This ain’t World Wrestling Entertainment!!!! Manning launches a calculated attack about 10 minutes into the segment and repels several comeback attempts. Despite taking a beating, Snow continues his insane ramblings with Manning. Manning lures Snow to the floor and pays for it. Back in the ring, Manning takes advantage of Snow playing with Head with a canteen smash for the victory.
COMMENTS: This was the wrong match to put on TV. It’s important to have name wrestlers on any program, but matches with tons of stalling are not.

2. Charlie Dreamer defeated “Your New Addiction” Kirby Mack via pinfall to retain the PWS Heavyweight Title.
“The Best Damn Ring Announcer in the Mid-Atlantic” Eddie Rich handles the ring introductions for our main event of the evening. Fatback announces the PWS Tag Team Titles will be determined in a tournament that will not include the Elite Icons (Jake Manning & Joey Silvia) due to losing a team split-up match and Team Macktion. During the opening minutes, Dreamer and Mack go hold for hold in a nice display of chain and mat wrestling. Mack gains the advantage and focuses his attack on Dreamer’s arm. After exchanging blows, Mack delivers a flying clothesline in the corner. Dreamer regains his senses and catches Mack with a powerslam. Stutts questions Mack’s endurance because he is primarily a tag team specialist. Dreamer dominates using submission wrestling and counters a satellite head scissors with a backbreaker. Mack fights back by tying up Dreamer and clotheslining him for a two count. Mack continues his assault with a series of vicious kicks for a near fall. After trading several dramatic near falls, Dreamer counters a lungblower by holding on to the ropes. Mack fires back with a series of kicks before heading up to the High Rent District. Dreamer eludes a top rope double stomp and nails a tornado DDT for a 2¾ count. Dreamer prepares to go to town, but Mack kicks him away and lands a superkick for a near fall. Mack decides to employ Japanese psychology by attempting the Figure 4, but Dreamer kicks him into the referee. This provides the “MAK” Marcellus King the opportunity to interfere and he double clotheslines the faces. The referee recuperates and counts Mack’s shoulders to the mat. King stares in disgust that he failed his mission to cost Dreamer the PWS Title.
COMMENTS: This was a solid match with an acceptable ending.

OVERALL: The switch over from CWA to PWS was more cosmetic than anything. It was confusing having two major CWA promotions in the Carolinas and this helps to end most of it. Ty Dillinger had a simple explanation for the change and refrained from a 60 page convoluted statement regarding the name change. With name talent participating on the show by wrestling or commentating, PWS Amped shows it isn’t a bush league promotion. Hopefully, Fatback will continue to commentate for PWS Amped, the quality of wrestling remains high and booking remain simple. It was good to follow up on the King/Dreamer storyline that was ignored in the previous episode. Fatback filled in the gaps in storyline so that those new to the show could easily know what is going on.
WATCH IT: http://www.pwsprowrestling.com/home.html

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