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> GXW Inferno, Episode #5, Citations, Deep South Tycoons, Dr. No
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post Jul 1 2008, 09:18 PM
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GXW Inferno TV Report
Episode 5
June 2008

Welcome to the 5th episode of GXW Inferno.

- The Reverend J. Boogie joins us on this momentous occasion sporting an Achilles heel injury. The Reverend insinuates the Lord of Hosts has commanded Dr. No Name, who looks like a super psychotic serial killer, to permit him to wrestle on June 28 against Standards & Practices. The archnemesis of James Bond, Dr. No, tells the good Reverend, “I don’t think so.”

- Holy guacamole, BATMAN, check out the high tech resolution GXW Inferno logo!

- Brent Fleener and Phil Stamper are our hosts for GXW’s Inferno. GXW’s next show will return to the Hopewell Community Center in Hopewell, VA on Saturday, June 28 with SeVeN, representing the 7 deadly sins. The Reverend survived a heinous attack from Standards & Practices and is out indefinitely. Tonight, Mr. Braswell of S & P will be in action. Also, GXW Heavyweight Champion Phil Brown has a message and will be defending against Timmy Danger’s mystery man on Saturday. Rumor has it that Jimmy Neutron has enlisted the services of Dr. Stud. Alright, so I just typed that to see if you were reading. We have disturbing video documentation of Grail’s assailant. In the main event, the Artist Formerly Known as Painmaster, the obscenely obnoxious Martin Stanley Fuqua, debuts.

- It’s to the back we go with Russell Roberts, who was supremely embarrassed by Mr. Fuqua for sporting less than desirable attire on May’s episode, to interview S & R (Mr. Braswell & Mr. Daniels.) Mr. Daniels informs the Reverend that he should believe in Karma. He was in violation of Industry Rule 4080 for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As punishment, they invaded his barber shop (someone is smart here in the booking department because the last thing you want to do is invade the Black Man’s Country Club™), they took him out and they took HIS GRANDMATHER OUT!!!!! WTF? They took his grandmother out? You mean they had a three way dance with the Reverend’s grandmother? It’s sacrilege, I say! Mr. Daniels issues an open challenge to any wrestler in the state of Virginia for a match on the 28th. Rumor has it that Dan the Fireman will be making a return. Just kidding! Poor Russell, he was assaulted again.

- Krotch mumbles about license plates, trailer parks, 7 Deadly Sins and his master Hyjinx. Wait a minute, that isn’t Krotch, it’s the Reverend Dan Wilson from NWA Anarchy! You may think I’m crazy, but Krotch’s evil maniacal laugh puts him in the same class Skeletor and King Zarkon. I’ve been watching too much He-Man and Voltron lately.

Part 2
1. Mr. Gordon Braswell w/Mr. Kevin Daniels defeated “the Jobber Superstar” Angelo Kapri by tapout.
Everyone knows the drill here; Mr. Braswell will prosecute Kapri to the fullest extent of the law. Mr. Braswell administers a legalized assault on Kapri until he taps him out to a dragon sleeper. Afterwards, Kapri receives a citation for impersonating a masked Luchador.

- Questions, comments or criticisms? Call 804-356-0583, email GXWWrestling@hotmail.com or visit the GWX myspace at http://www.myspace.com/GXWWrestling804.

- The Seven Deadly Sins are pride, sloth, gluttony… On the 28th “the Young Pie Face Boy” Jefferson Early faces “the Tennessee Stud” Eddie Diamond. Diamond has already dropped Early on his head, what a crock!

- What would you do for an Escobar to stretch you?

Part 3
- “The TV Star,” “the Platinum Icon,” and GXW Heavyweight Champion Phil Brown doubts the power of Timmy Danger’s mystery man. And Brown calls Danger a “cab catcher” and himself a “flight catcher.”

2. “The Louisiana Bad Ass” Martin Stanley Fuqua pinned “Did You Get Your Booster Shot” Logan with the Black Friday Legdrop.
GXW Inferno Disclaimer: Due to the declining economy and exorbitant gas prices, enhancement talent dons hoods to protect their identities and prevent future shame. Remember, Booster Logan has a family to feed! Hopefully, his wife or girlfriend won’t be filing for child support after the millionaire tycoon disposes of him. Fuqua wins with the Black Friday Legdrop and a Randy Savage foot cover.

- Fuqua is back to torture Russell Roberts for the second consecutive month. Fuqua announces his intentions for a hostile takeover of GXW. OUCH!

- There’s nothing like concluding this episode with a slide show of Egypt. FUN FACT: Did you know the last Pharaoh of Egypt was Greek and portrayed herself as the Egyptian goddess Isis to win the population over! You go Cleopatra!

COMMENTS: This episode did a good job of recapping nearly everything heading into Saturday’s show. The logo is professional and ranks among the best of downloadable Internet shows. The postmatch recaps dragged on. Since a live event is occurring on Saturday, a recap listing the matches would have been fine. Overall, this show had good productions and continues to focus on developing storylines.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.gxwwrestling.com and http://www.myspace.com/GXWWrestling804

Rush Limbaugh on Whoppie Goldberg: "Whoopie Goldberg is a five star imbecile, a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance."
Timmy Danger to Playboy Pete on GXW Inferno: "You're the only guy that makes Dr. Stud look like Ric Flair."
Comedian Wanka Sykes on Rush Limbaugh: "Rush Limbaugh, I hope the country fails; I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? He needs a good waterboarding, that's what he needs."

The Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum: "Too easy! Played you like a violin, then cut your strings!"

An exchange between Pharaoh and a backwoods fan at the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC:
Pharaoh: I'm a GOD, do you hear me?
Fan: God's up there.
Pharaoh: NO!!!! I'm a god, you eunuch.
Fan: God is WHITE!
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