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> 6/21/08: PWS Amped, Episode #2: Marcellus Is King & Crowns a Queen!
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PWS Amped TV Report
Episode 2
June 21, 2008

- The second episode of PWS Amped features Kirby Mack seeking to exact revenge against Marcellus King. King potentially cost Kirby the PWS Heavyweight Title when he interfered. Also, “the Obsession” Kaleb Conley grapples with TJ Mack.

- PWS Heavyweight Champion Charlie Dreamer wants you to know that PWS is about more action and less talking.

- Kaleb Conley interrupts a brotherly conversation between TJ & Kirby Mack and wishes TJ good luck. Alright, that was strange.

1. “The Obsession” Caleb Conley vs. TJ Mack.
Fatback Stutts and “the Best Damn Ring Announcer in the Mid-Atlantic” Eddie Rich are our commentating team. Stutts handles nearly all of the commentating duties. This starts out as an evenly contested match for the opening minutes. After taking a hiptoss, Conley heads to the floor to recoup his senses. TJ prepares to launch an attack, but he lands on the concrete floor with a resounding thud after missing a baseball slide. Back in the ring, Conley exudes cockiness by using a Randy Savage foot style cover. TJ mounts a short comeback, but Conley counters with a face plant, roundhouse kick and a vicious knee strike for a near fall. Conley applies a series of submission focusing on TJ’s back. Conley executes a back suplex and counters a TJ wheelbarrow maneuver with a neckbreaker for a near fall. TJ gains the advantage with an aerial assault. TJ counters the Home Wrecker with Sliced Bread #2 for the victory. Conley shakes TJ’s hand afterwards.
COMMENTS: This was a good match. Stutts committed a no-no on commentary by conversating with someone off camera.

- There’s nothing like King Marcellus sporting a Kobe Bryant jersey. Marcellus plays with a scale until Kirby pops by. Marcellus concludes, “He really is crazy.” King’s response is outside his character. Lame.

2. Marcellus “the Mid-Atlantic” King vs. Kirby Mack.
Kirby literally kicks the festivities off by launching a premeditated attack and rightfully so. On the inaugural episode of PWS Amped, King attacked Kirby during his PWS Heavyweight Title match Charlie Dreamer (ch.). ER rejoins Stutts back on the mike for a few moments. Kirby no sells after jamming his foot on rung post. Kirby smashes King’s on a monitor. He follows up by tossing King in the wall and a chair smash. King’s bandana falls off and becomes a souvenir for some lucky fan at ringside. Commissioner Ty Dillinger, aka Gary Coleman, joins on commentary. King takes over with an overhead release suplex. Nice. Kirby fights back with a springboard bulldog for a near fall. King quickly neutralizes Kirby’s foolish aerial diversions. King sends Kirby flying to the floor when he foolishly balances his cranium on the top turnbuckle. Somehow, Kirby mounts a comeback and nails King with a tope. King counters a head scissors takedown from the apron by slingshotting head into the ringpost! Back in the ring, King oozes cockiness using dastardly heel tactics. King applies a bearhug for several minutes to wear Kirby down. Kirby finally escapes with double knees to the face and a DDT. Kirby lands a series of stiff kicks and connects with the Overdose. Kirby makes the cover, but King kicks out at two. Kirby delivers a lungblower for another near fall. After an Irish whip, King sends Kirby over the top rope believing he fell to the floor. However, Kirby holds on, pulls himself up and executes an over the top rope head scissors. To the floor, King tires of Kirby’s tactics with a STO on the ring post. OUCH! King turns his attention to a female at ringside. She responds to King’s advances by slapping the taste out of his mouth. King takes exception and tosses her into the ring. King prepares to dismantle her, but Kirby makes the save, or so we think. The female crotches Kirby from behind and kicks his skull. NO MORE CHILDREN! King follows up with an uranage backbreaker. They shake hands to the disgust of Commissioner Dillinger. Dillinger is unbelievably left speechless. The female stands on Kirby to add insult to injury.
COMMENTS: I’ll have to wait and see what happens before commenting on the angle. There were moments where my suspension of belief was thrown out the window when Kirby tried moves that involved that were too complicated and too much time to set up. Otherwise, this was a good match.

OVERALL: This episode had a good focus on wrestling and short skits/segments to advance storylines except for where King plays out of character. It also advanced a pair of major storylines: the Macks singles careers and King/Kirby feud. Stutts sounded unusually forceful on commentary. Even conversation made it to the final product. This was a definitely a good show.
WATCH IT: http://www.pwsprowrestling.com/home.html

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