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> GXW Inferno, Episode #6, Malicious Malicious, Dirty Krotch and Esco to Overthrow Pharoah?
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post Jul 15 2008, 06:55 PM
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GXW Inferno TV Report
Episode 6
June 28, 2008

Due to technical difficulties, the sixth edition of GXW Inferno was delayed. This is the program that originally aired on June 28, the morning of SeVeN.

- Mark Bravura, Malicious, what is next mumbles the esteemed GXW President Mr. Cullen. “The Billionaire Bad Ass” Martin Stanley Fuqua answers the question. For all intents and purposes, Presidents Cullen’s life has been a nightmare and now a Louisiana billionaire is setting in the President’s chair. Life continues to roll downhill for Cullen when the CEO and president of Fuqua Enterprises announces his evil intentions to acquire Ground Xero with a hostile takeover. For more information regarding Fuqua Enterprises, click here or here http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-his...ny-History.html.

- Brent Fleener & Phil Stamper are our hosts for GXW’s Inferno. GXW’s returns to the Hopewell Community Center in Hopewell, VA on Saturday, June 28 with SeVeN, representing the 7 deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Previously on GXW Inferno, Grail received a mysterious gift from Hyjinx & Krotch, and Mark Bravura revoked Malicious’ probation. On June 28, Grail faces off with the dastardly duo. Today on the Inferno, Krotch is wrestling in tonight’s main event, Timmy Danger responds to GXW Heavyweight Champion Phil Brown verbal tongue thrashing from episode 5, Tiger Blue contemplates unmasking himself, and Playboy Pete responds to Mark Bravura.

- Like Simon Diamond, Tiger Blue has a problem because his mask is a curse. He has fulfilled the expectation of GXW’s management by luring children into GXW’s shows, but he can’t figure out if the mask is a gift or a curse.

Part 2
- Valkyrie crosses paths with GXW TV Champion Peter Spade. Valkyrie is offended that Playboy Pete is allowed to step into the ring with a high caliber athlete like Mark “I’m Better than You” Bravura. Playboy Pete is the biggest joke in wrestling because he hasn’t been to the gym in the 9 years he’s been wrestling! Valkyrie continues to embarrass Spade’s love life until he responds. Valkyrie pulls the classic cowardly rulebreaker tactic of accusing Spade of wanting to hit her. Spade calls her a little girl, but Valkyrie responds his accomplishments as see through. OUCH! Spade predicts he’s going to beat Bravura for a second time, but she threatens to send him straight to jail just like Malicious.” Valkyrie concludes, “Mark Bravura is better than you.”

1. Tiger Blue pinned Newt “King” Cole.
Tiger makes quick work of Cole using a Japanese armdrag, top rope body splash and a powerdrop bomb.

- Our quiet mild-mannered reporter Russell Roberts is out to interview Krotch. Grail? Seven deadly sins? In an evil maniacal laugh, Krotch promises it won’t be last time these two will lock horns.

- Questions, comments or criticisms? Call 804-356-0583, email GXWWrestling@hotmail.com or visit the GWX myspace at http://www.myspace.com/GXWWrestling804.

Part 3
2. Chris “What Would You Do For an” Escobar pinned “Lucky” Leroy Greene.
Escobar provides a professional wrestling clinic for Greene in the opening moments. Greene fights back with a dropkick only to run into a nasty superkick. Nice spot. Esco counters a rana into a powerbomb for the victory. Wish the squash had lasted another minute or two. Alright, so I’m being selfish here.

- There’s nothing including with a slide show of Egypt advertising the Pharaoh’s coming. FUN FACT: Did you know the Egyptians considered Ramses II a god because he ruled for 66 years and outlived two complete generations of Egyptians?

- Roberts is back to interview “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar. Escobar tries to loosen up our butterfly stomached interviewer but to no avail. Escobar lists his accomplishment including increased charisma points. Upon his return, a fan commanded to Escobar that worship the almighty Pharaoh. Escobar did his research on the Internet and promises to march his ass to the ring and will prove to Pharaoh’s fans that Esco is “Pure Talent.”

- Timmy Danger & Mr. Stone are unimpressed that paper champ “the TV Star” Phil Brown took five episodes to rear his ugly head in GXW. On June 28, Danger has the biggest surprise and in wrestling history for Phil Brown, an ECW original and it won’t be the Blue Meanie. You mean the Blue World Order won’t be invading the Mid-Atlantic. That’s sacrilege I say! So what will Danger do to the TV Star, Mr. Stone demonstrates by power by insinuating he’s going to smash a TV. Good segment. Danger’s interview skills have improved.

Part 4
3. “The Dirty” Krotch infected Ron “the Beast” Savage with several STDs.
The fans demonstrate their disdain for Krotch early on by chanting, “You suck Krotch.” Krotch responds with a move straight out of B-flick porno movies, the cranial thrust. Krotch repels Savage’s offensive with a massive clothesline. He razzes the crowd before putting away Savage with the STD Blower and Krotch Castrator. Hopefully, Savage’s will not infect his wife with multiple forms of VD.

- Malicious has a problem with RPD. We have two doughnut breaths: one filling out paperwork and the other leaning back in his chair. Malicious demands water, but he’s told to shut up. The scrawny white cop informs Malicious they have for 48 hours for violating his parole and Mark Bravura reported him. The black cop tells Malicious, “You shouldn’t have touched that woman.” Malicious tires of the cops shenanigans, promptly chokes them out and walks out. Despite having to suspend total belief, I found this segment thoroughly entertaining.

COMMENTS: Episode 5 was much better at previewing the June 28 show, but overall, this episode was much better. Timmy Danger was spot on in his interview regarding Phil Brown. In fact, the TV Star and the World’s Most Dangerous Manager should have more air time since their feud is for GXW’s most important title. The most important thing is that GXW continues to build characters and feuds.
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Rush Limbaugh on Whoppie Goldberg: "Whoopie Goldberg is a five star imbecile, a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance."
Timmy Danger to Playboy Pete on GXW Inferno: "You're the only guy that makes Dr. Stud look like Ric Flair."
Comedian Wanka Sykes on Rush Limbaugh: "Rush Limbaugh, I hope the country fails; I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? He needs a good waterboarding, that's what he needs."

The Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum: "Too easy! Played you like a violin, then cut your strings!"

An exchange between Pharaoh and a backwoods fan at the Carolina Sports Arena in Burlington, NC:
Pharaoh: I'm a GOD, do you hear me?
Fan: God's up there.
Pharaoh: NO!!!! I'm a god, you eunuch.
Fan: God is WHITE!
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