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post Feb 20 2012, 09:40 PM
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Well folks if you've noticed by now, that I've become EXTREMELY swamped with work and other things and I barely update with show results like I used to. So as of right now I'm still here, but if you want puro results there's links at the bottom of the page, especially PuroLove.com which is a great site for all-around puro news and results (if you want to read the articles Google Translate works wonders). So right now this is my last post for the foreseeable future and I'm gonna do the news.

If some, maybe a few haven't heard by now that Tajri's promotion SMASH is going under after their March 14th show. Reason? Their money mark is running out of cash, but they might restart somewhere down the road, but who knows when.

SMASH.25, 19.02.2012 (Samurai! TV)
Tokyo JCB Hall
3,000 Fans - Super No Vacancy

1. Ultimo Dragon, Yusuke Kodama & Koji Doi besiegen Hisamaru Tajima , YO-HEY & Jiro Kuroshio (6:17) nach dem Asai DDT von Ultimo gegen Kuroshio.
2. Nanae Takahashi , Tomoka Nakagawa & Kagetsu besiegen Makoto, Lin Bairon & Aki Shizuku (8:40) nach einer Death Valley Bomb von Kagetsu gegen Makoto.
3. Hokuto Pro Army vs. IWA Japan Army Last Decisive Battle: Takuya Kito, Konaka = Pale One & Lou Rururu besiegen Keizo Matsuda, Takashi Okano, Keisuke Yamada & Katsumi Hirano (9:48) nach einem Schoolboy von Kito gegen Matsuda.
4. Shinjiro Otani , Masato Tanaka & Ikuto Hidaka besiegen Starbuck, Hajime Ohara & Jessica Love (12:40) nach dem Sliding D von Tanaka gegen Love.
5. Hardcore Match: Sabu & Jun Kasai besiegen KENSO & VENENO (15:45) nach einem Arabian Facebuster von Sabu gegen VENENO.
6. AKIRA Produce - New Japan Pro-Wrestling Alumni: AKIRA & Hisakatsu Oya besiegen Tatsumi Fujinami & El Samurai (10:57) nach der Musasabi Press von AKIRA gegen Samurai.
7. SMASH Diva Title: Shuri besiegt Kana © (12:50) mit einem High Kick - Titelwechsel.
8. SMASH Title: Dave Finlay © besiegt TAJIRI (22:23) mit einem Tombstone Piledriver (1st defense).

Also in NOAH news, apparently some guy put out a book basically airing out all of NOAH's laundry. Pretty much I'll copypasta the article from Puroresu Spirit.

"Ever since Rikidozan created the monster of pro-wrestling at the beginning of the Reconstruction period after World War II in Japan, the connection between the yakuza and the fight game was always strong. Being a ’sponsor’ for a gangster was the fastest way to gain status and clout as a celebrity. While the wrestling & MMA scene in Japan has taken a brutal hit, there are still some individuals who see being associated with wrestlers and fighters as being a good status symbol.

Which leads us to this review that Cyzo recently published… The Cyzo review is talking about a new ‘taboo’ scandal book that was published discussing recent scandals in the Japanese pro-wrestling world. The lead item in the taboo book is a story about how NOAH, the promotion created by the late Mitsuharu Misawa, allegedly got swindled out of a lot of cash. Cyzo brings some business context to the story by talking about what the current fight scene looks like today versus what it was in the past. For example, they had a source claim that New Japan is only making about 1/3rd of the cash today as they did 10 years ago. 10 years ago, New Japan was still doing good and was helped out by the Inoki/MMA connection but was starting to hit a down swing because of just what a mess things had become with guys like Tadao Yasuda and Kazuyuki Fujita getting pushed because of their MMA success. Nevertheless, Cyzo dropped this surprising item — NOAH, a company without television support and struggling to draw big gates, is now in a similar ball park to New Japan in terms of revenues generated. You can look at this and say, “Hey, NOAH’s not dying,” or you can look at it and say, “without Yukes owning New Japan, my goodness, they would be a dead promotion walking.”

So, with that as the context, Cyzo summarizes the taboo book story about NOAH’s financial scandal. The story goes as follows:

A woman from Kanagawa prefecture, who was close to both Mitsuharu Misawa and Ryu Nakata (Misawa’s right-hand man who came with him from All Japan when AJ split in 2000), was accused by police of fraud. The book claims that this woman is married to a husband who is influential in secret society. (You know where this is going.) Supposedly, Misawa & Nakata were introduced to this woman by former wrestler Haruka Eigen, who was friends with the husband.
The book claims that the woman acted as a ’sponsor’ for the wrestlers, paying her favorite wrestlers money and taking care of them after they left NOAH or with additional work. After Misawa died, supposedly this woman was going to put up a steak place and use his name.
When Misawa died and NOAH suffered a power struggle between Kenta Kobashi vs. Ryu Nakata, Naomichi Marufuji & Akira Taue became good cop/bad cop. Nakata, with his ‘hardline system’ according to his enemies, became the power broker. The book claims that the woman’s ‘true character’ soon surfaced.
According to the book, the woman asked Misawa’s wife for a loan of 50 million yen. The woman claimed that her money was frozen by the Tax Bureau in Japan. The loan was granted and the total amount estimated was 53 million yen over five installments. The status of whether or not there was an IOU is/was in question.

The book claims that the woman only paid back 5 million yen to Misawa’s wife. This prompted a court battle in Tokyo District Court where Misawa’s wife went to seize assets of the woman & husband in question. She apparently won. Because a civil case was made, criminal charges were not filed.
The woman in question ended up getting arrested on charges of allegedly defrauding senior citizens in Tokushima and was given a jail sentence of seven years. The belief is that the women stole a whole lot of money over several years. The book makes the charge that this ‘black money’ that was being scammed from other people was being used to pay off the wrestlers while she acted as the role of a benefactor.

There have been many financial scandals over the years in both the Japanese wrestling & MMA scenes but they almost always turn out to be uglier than you think they really are.

It should come as no surprise that once this taboo came out, the internal squabbles that have infected NOAH are now surfacing to the public in a big way. It’s still shocking because the Japanese way is to keep your mouth shut and not say anything even if you aren’t getting paid or aren’t getting a fair shake.

These two items at Kakutolog detail what a mess the company has become. In short, Jun Akiyama is criticizing NOAH’s front office for some of the moves they’ve made. Over the last three years, 10 wrestlers have left and 3 of them are finished. A big mishap happened when NOAH booked Akitoshi Saito, the man who accidentally killed Misawa with a back-drop suplex in Hiroshima, along with Akiyama for a tag titles match in Osaka on January 23rd. This booking, made by Naomichi Marufuji, was done last November. In late December, Saito announced that he would become a freelancer. In early January, NOAH announced that Saito, Takuma "Naoki" Sano, and Masao Inoue were now free from the company.

Akiyama was pissed that Saito, who he considers a main player in the company, was not kept on the regular roster and that he was booked in a title match as a freelancer. This prompted a discussion about the bad communication issues between Nakata (the boss) and Marufuji (the booker) over talent relations.

The irony in the comments is that Akiyama was supposed to be groomed to take over the company from Misawa but he didn’t want to take the leadership role even though ‘the gifted one’ was Misawa’s hand-picked guy to succeed him. Kenta Kobashi became a figurehead Vice President but he ended up with little to no power in the end, either.

With all the turmoil in place, NOAH management essentially pushed the reset button for matchmaking at their 1/23 Osaka Prefectural Gym show by having their major title belts change hands (Morishima beat Shiozaki to win the Heavyweight belt, Akiyama & Saito beat Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson to win the tag belts.) Morishima’s new title reign is supposed to put him in a position of having a ‘monster’ run… instead, all anyone can talk about in the press and on message boards is how things are falling apart for the promotion with the green mat."

In TL;DR speak: NOAH was backed by the Yakuza. No Surprise.

In New Japan news. New Japan has been bought out by a trading card company known as "Bushiroad Inc.", and also NJ Jr. Ace Prince Devitt is going to CMLL in mid-March to early April. And also Devitt will defend the Jr. Heavyweight title against Davey Richards on March 10th. Better pray that Richards doesn't get it.

And also out of fucking nowhere, Kazuchika Okada (Who apparently was one of the ninjas that kidnapped Samoa Joe in TNA a long time ago) won the IWGP Heavyweight Title after dethroning Tanahasi after a 13-month reign. Yeesh I guess New Japan didn't have anybody to take the belt off of him since they already killed the Tanahashi/Nakamura fued for the billionth time.

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
6,200 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Yujiro Takahashi & YOSHI-HASHI besiegen Tomoaki Honma & King Fale (7:51) nach einem R.C.T von Takahashi gegen Fale.
2. Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka & Tomohiro Ishii besiegen Jushin Thunder Liger, Captain New Japan & Tama Tonga (8:35) nach dem Oni Koroshi von Yano gegen Tonga.
3. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Davey Richards & Rocky Romero besiegen Prince Devitt & Ryusuke Taguchi © (15:10) nach einer Powerbomb von Richards gegen Taguchi - Titelwechsel.
4. Elimination Match: Minoru Suzuki, Yoshihiro Takayama, Lance Archer, TAKA Michinoku & Taichi besiegen Yuji Nagata, Togi Makabe, Wataru Inoue, Tiger Mask & KUSHIDA (23:08).
Archer eliminierte KUSHIDA mit dem Blackout (7:14). Archer eliminierte Tiger mit dem Texas Tornado (7:56). Archer warf Inoue über das Top Rope (10:32). Makabe warf TAKA über das Top Rope (11:11). Suzuki warf Nagata über das Top Rope (19:43). Suzuki eliminierte Makabe mit einem Gotch-Style Piledriver (23:08).
5. IWGP Tag Team Title: Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima © besiegen Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson (17:47) nach einer Lariat von Kojima gegen Bernard (1st defense).
6. IWGP Intercontinental Title: Hirooki Goto besiegt Masato Tanaka © (13:26) mit dem Shouten Kai - Titelwechsel.
7. Special Singles Match: Tetsuya Naito besiegt Shinsuke Nakamura (17:38) mit einer Stardust Press.
8. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Kazuchika Okada besiegt Hiroshi Tanahashi © (23:22) mit dem Rainmaker - Titelwechsel.

Well that's it for me. Like I said if you want more results for shows, the link are at the bottom where my sources are.

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